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Project Description

The NOAA provides some great weather-related resources, but it takes a bit of work to tie them together. This project's goal is to provide a simple-to-use wrapper and parser for the NOAA weather service's forecasts and current weather conditions. It will fetch and parse a zip code's forecast, find the nearest weather station, and then fetch and parse that feed

It's also smart about updates. NOAA's limit of 1 request / hour is automatically respected (forecasts remember when they were looked up and only refresh themselves when they're stale)

On the downside, the unit tests are outdated where they even exist and the xml parsing is ugly (I was experimenting with LINQ for that). But hey, it's open source, right? You could fix it

Note that there's plenty of information in the NOAA's feed that it doesn't currently bother to parse. This page enumerates most of the possibilities

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